poem 4 onomatopiea

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toxic Zone 2 Cough sputter shhhhh These are sounds of a gas chamber or a bomb full of toxic waste In a gas chamber people are trapped and killed because there worthless to the enemy A battle field of poisined people people who are sick and can’t move and there slowly dying people who’s last… Continue reading

poem 3 apology poem

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This poem is about all the things i done wrong in my life I apologies to the people i have hurt the people that i have maybe have ruined there lifes to the people if i ruined there dreams I want to apologize to everything i have hurt But i feel it is to late


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War zone boom crash snap bang They are the sounds of a war zone Where people are dying and machines are destroyed A area or a zone sometimes a country Where planes and boats and tanks litter the ground Where soldiers are left to rot knowing they will never see there family’s and friends again… Continue reading

week 7

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In this post I will be talking about my interests rollercoasters, cars, and 4 wheelers For the last few months I have been researching roller coasters all over the usa. I learned about destroyed roller coasters, abandoned roller coasters, and current operating roller coasters. I have been riding roller coasters all over the states. I… Continue reading

week 6 poem 1

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poem 1 people say i’m great at poetry but i’m actually not that good at it But what i say all it takes is effort all always have not been that great but i try to be a good role model that way people can grown up to be better people

Week 4 War

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In most continents there is some sort of war going on that has huge affects on human population. One war that is happening in afghanistan and usa is trying to tame the hostiles and get rid of the terrists. In sudan south sudan is fighting for freedom because they don’t want to follow islam and… Continue reading